The World Agroforestry Center just launched a new website!

The World Agroforestry Center just launched a new website!

Earlier this month the World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF) announced the launch of their new website. Check it out here:

The World Agroforestry Centers website is very vibrant, colorful and has a clean design. The website received a major upgrade with more functionality than just the new design changes and enhancements. The website is responsive across smart phones, tablets PC’s and Mac’s.

The World Agroforestry Center also cleaned up their website’s page depth, making it easier to navigate through the website to access a piece of information. The World Agroforestry Center grouped pages by region, country, program and project. They also supply users with a drop-down menu and search box to making the new website more user friendly.

The home page has a lot of nicely placed resources that will direct you to the most relevant pages of the website.

ICRAF website

ICRAF homepage:

About ICRAF:


ICRAF Social Media: FB, Twitter & LinkedIn

Contact ICRAF:

How do you like the new website? Play around with it and comment below!

Interested in looking at the old ICRAF website? Take a look here:




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