5 Tips To Help Your Non-Profit Grow Using Office 365 Applications

Written by Shawn Lyles

November 6, 2014

Written by Shawn Lyles

November 6, 2014

5 Tips To Help Your Non-Profit Grow Using Office 365 Applications5 Tips To Help Your Non-Profit Grow Using Office 365 Applications

The challenges non-profits face may vary from organization to organization, but the main way to move any organization’s mission forward is to keep the donations coming in. This can be hard for non-profits especially if your organization is working with a shoestring budget. Luckily there are tools and strategies that can help even the smallest non-profits have a voice and spread their mission just like the bigger non-profits. Keep in mind, most of Office 365 is free to 501c3 non-profits. Let us know if you want more information, or help with getting Office 365 for your non-profit.

Moving to the Cloud:

Non-profits in general have been slow to adapt to the cloud even though businesses and corporations have been using this technology for years. What Office 365 offers non-profits is the ability to reduce or eliminate their IT infrastructure by migrating to the cloud. The money that organizations can save on the expensive IT infrastructure can be put back into their mission. Office 365 also gives non-profits the ability to securely store and retrieve their data across multiple devices when using OneDrive.

Going Mobile:

For the first time in late 2013, mobile devices surpassed PC usage for accessing the internet. So it is now more important than ever to make sure your website and content you have online is optimized for a mobile device. Being able to connect with clients and donors in other continents, states or cities from your organization will help to have your non-profits communications running more efficiently. When using Lync online with Office 365 you can take mobile communication to a whole new level for your organization, with extensive video and web conferencing applications.

Social Networking Ninja:

Social networking has become an amazing tool used to take fundraising for some organizations to all-time highs. So why not use these platforms and tools to get the donations needed to help your organization grow? The conventional social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + can be a good way of communicating your mission and message to your donors. Internal social media applications like Yammer for Office 365 can help your organization grow in a different way. They can help reduce clutter, eliminate redundancies, and build a better understanding of the culture your organization’s employees bring to the table.

Video Conferencing Magic:

Video conference has changed the way meetings and conferences and training’s are been held. Now with Office 365 video conferencing  you can collaborate with co-workers, host online meetings that get people in your organization working together more effectively.

Email Marketing Exposure:

Building your organization’s donor and subscribers lists can be difficult, but when using Office 365 applications like Excel to store donor and subscriber data, and Outlook to send the emails, newsletters, donor updates and organizational accomplishments out (to small lists, since Outlook doesn’t allow bulk emailing), it won’t be hard. This Office 365 email marketing combination can greatly increase your organization’s reach, exposure and communication to past, present and future donors.

There are other Cloud services out there like Google Apps for Business, that might suit your organizations needs better than Office 365. Check out this infographic about the comparison between Office 365 and Google apps. Using any cloud service for your non-profit correctly should help make your organization more efficient, effective and help it to grow. Finding the right cloud service that fits your organization best is what will take your organization’s growth to an even higher level.

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