CGNET & OneNFP Working Together To Improve Nonprofits

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October 7, 2014

As a company that is driven to help nonprofit organizations flourish, we love seeing others like us make positive changes in the world around us. With this vision in mind, CGNET recently partnered with OneNFP (One Not For Profit) to enhance each other’s operations in the non-profit sector and make real changes that help real people.

OneNFP is a cloud-based accounting organization that offers fundraising tools non-profits and other charitable organizations around the world. With our extensive background in global communication system implementation and installation, we offer our Microsoft Office 365 partnership services to their catalog of tools and services.
Employees and partners of OneNFP have been working in the non-profit sector for over 30 years, and are constantly improving business operations for non-profits. As a cloud-based company based exclusively on the Microsoft Cloud, OneNFP strives to provide the “one business solution” that CGNET also shares and believe creates tremendous efficiency by eliminating low-level manual systems, endless spreadsheets and ineffective donor interactions.
Some of the highlighted features of OneNFP include:

• Microsoft Cloud Integration
• Office 365 Implementation
• Fund Accounting
• Familiar Excel-Based Reporting
• Integrated Fundraising Strategies
• Service Ecosystems With Partners Such As: Jitasa, Jet Reports, & Serenic Software

OneNFP loves non-profits as much as CGNET and works diligently to give clients the freedom to focus on their organizations and missions, rather than systems and software.


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