DocuSign Electronic Signature to Be Integrated into Office 365

Written by Tim Haight

I'm VP of Technology Services for CGNET. I love to travel and do IT strategic planning.

February 20, 2014

Office-365-logo2Recently, several of our customers have begun exploring electronic signature solutions. For example, they want to help traveling staff file expense reports, timesheets and other documents from the road. Thus, we were excited this week to hear that Microsoft and DocuSign are partnering to integrate electronic signature deeply into Office 365.

The plan  is to integrate DocuSign’s electronic signature capabilities into Outlook, Word, SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server 2013. DocuSign’s eSignature apps for Office 365 are expected to be available in the Office Store in early March. Customers should be able to submit and sign documents without leaving Microsoft applications.

More information from this week’s joint press release can be found here.

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