Exciting News from the 2013 Lync Conference

Written by Dan Callahan

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February 20, 2013

The folks at ZDNet have done a better job than I could at summarizing the news coming out of today’s keynote at the Lync 2013 conference. Here’s a link to their article.

Even though some of the announcements were expected–integration with Skype and support for Enterprise Voice on Lync Online come to mind–it’s still exciting to see the Lync product fleshed out to remove the restrictions on how and where it can be used. For instance, I have a customer who will be glad to know that Lync will be supporting “structured meetings.” This will replace his need to use Live Meeting or GoToMeeting. And being able to connect via voice and IM (by June) and video (later) to Skype users will broaden the ability of organizations to connect and collaborate with customers, colleagues and business partners.

Exciting stuff and this is just day one of the conference!

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