From the Bookshelves of CGNET: Future Crimes by Marc Goodman

Written by Jackie Bilodeau

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July 19, 2018

From the Bookshelves of CGNET:Future Crimes by Marc Goodman

July 19, 2018

by Jackie Bilodeau


 If you are looking for a thrilling summer read that will both scare your socks off and provide you with one heck of a wake-up call, look no further than Future Crimes: Everything Is Connected, Everyone Is Vulnerable and What We Can Do About It by Marc Goodman.   Named as Amazon’s “Best Business Book of 2015”, this riveting read on cybercrime and global security often feels more like the stuff of fiction.  Yet ultimately it is a dire warning to organizations to educate themselves to genuine threats and take measures to protect their interests from what could be the devastating abuse of their information.

The author has a background that rivals the high level of intrigue of which he writes.   With a career spent in the realms of both technology and all levels of law enforcement, Marc Goodman has worked with the FBI, Interpol, NATO and the UN Counterterrorism Task Force, and is the founder of the Future Crimes Institute and the Chair for Policy, Law, and Ethics at Silicon Valley’s Singularity University.  His vast experience in the pursuit of internet criminals results in a fascinating tour of their dark underworld, where new technologies are constantly being threatened and their inherent vulnerabilities exploited for nefarious purposes.

In the ever-evolving world of Information Technology, the “bad guys” of cybercrime have managed to keep pace with the “good guys”, and in many instances have been able to stay one step ahead.   And we’re not talking about run-of-the-mill teenage hackers down in their parents’ basements treating the internet as a plaything to disrupt for fun; we are talking about organized crime, Mexican drug cartels and terrorist groups seeking to wreak havoc upon the masses worldwide.  Mr. Goodman advises that a new awareness and hyper-vigilance needs to occur at every level – from individual to organizational to national security – to counter these cybercrime threats.

Beyond picking up a copy of Future Crimes, I also suggest a viewing of Mr. Goodman’s TED Talk on the subject.   Between the book and TED Talk, you will hopefully be left feeling fascinated and, more importantly, forewarned and armed with some knowledge as to how to protect yourself and your organization.

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