Get Out of Jail Free in 2019

Written by Dan Callahan

I'm the VP of Global Services at CGNET. I manage our Cybersecurity and Cloud Services businesses. I also provide consulting and handle a lot of project management. I wear a lot of hats. Professionally, I'm a builder of businesses. Outside of work, I'm a hobby farmer, chef, skier, dog walker, jokester, woodworker, structuralist, husband and father.

January 10, 2019


For years I carried a Monopoly(R) Get Out of Jail Free card in my wallet; it was a reminder about my days as a student activist.I liked the idea of being able to flash a card to get myself (at least metaphorically) out of trouble.

Could You Use a Get Out of Jail Free Card?

I remember one of my first experiences in cybersecurity. Our sales team had gone to visit a customer who was (and is) a major player in the financial services industry. We wanted to talk to them about a security service we had just rolled out. Oddly, the executives seemed distracted. They kept checking their phones and excusing themselves from the meeting, only to return a few minutes later. Some time after the meeting, we learned that the company was in the midst of a cyber attack. As one executive told us, “we got our one and only free pass.” Cyber attacks were rare at that time, so it was understandable that the company’s board would give management a free pass. But it was also clear that this would be their only free pass!

There’s a pretty good chance you’re using Office 365 now. (If not, let me know.) Microsoft has included a service in Office 365 called Secure Score. We’ve written about it here, and here. There’s also a good chance that you haven’t been able dig in and understand what your Secure Score is, and how you can improve it. (Don’t worry, Microsoft confirms that you’re not alone in this regard!)

Here’s Your Get Out of Jail Free Card… for Free

So we have a smokin’ hot offer for you: I will meet with you over a web conference to review your Secure Score and explain what actions Microsoft has recommended to improve your score. I’ll spend up to an hour with you. And charge you nothing. At the end of our call, you’ll have a better understanding of what actions you can take and how they would help.

If this sounds fantastic, fill out the form or get in touch directly (I’m easy to find: d(period)callahan(at)cgnet(dot)com). If it sounds “meh” then respond back with your best joke for 2019!


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