Great New Features with CGNET Open Mobile

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December 13, 2012

CGNET Open Mobile is an organization’s command-and-control connectivity platform. It provides a lightweight, always-on universal connection manager for seamless connectivity across iPass, customer, and third-party networks, while ensuring that security requirements are enforced and that mobility costs are controlled.

Open Mobile provides granular options for how employees connect to iPass Wi-Fi (the iPass Mobile Network), campus Wi-Fi, mobile broadband (3G/4G), Ethernet, and dial-up using a single platform to manage all connections. Open Mobile also enables cost and security controls that provide virtual private network (VPN) integration options, mobile broadband 3G/4G usage controls for both data roaming and data usage, endpoint integrity verification that checks the security of the device at the point of connection, and several additional options for setting network connection and restriction policies. User and device activity and summary reports as well as mobile broadband usage reports provide insight into an organization’s mobility usage.

CGNET offers Open Mobile Clients for Windows and Mac laptops and for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Universal Connectivity

Users can auto-connect for zero-click connectivity or manually connect to iPass Wi-Fi, iPass OpenAccess Wi-Fi (free), peersonal Wi-Fi, and campus Wi-Fi. Users enter a single set of credentials; they do not have to remember separate usernames and passwords for different hotspots. They can also connect to and monitor connections to mobile broadband (3G/4G) (Windows and Mac).

At-a-Glance User Interface

Users can view current connection status, historic data usage, and previous connections. Application quick launch allows users to launch internal and external applications directly from the Open Mobile Client (Windows and Mac).

Hotspot Finder

Users can easily locate (via search or geolocation)destinations with available Wi-Fi hotspots.

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