How to Replace Your Notebook’s Screen

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December 13, 2012

In case you’ve ever avoided replacing a cracked screen on a notebook computer because it seemed too hard or too expensive, take heart. I did it recently, saving a new $500 notebook with a $80 new screen.

The project started off with the usual Drupal search, which led to a large number of vendors offering screens. ScreenTek, which made the video embedded here, had a lot of nice recommendations. I bought my screen from them, which actually cost $177 plus shipping. The first time, I only gave them my notebook’s model name, and they shipped the wrong part. After that, I used the part number on the broken screen, and got the right part, for no extra charge.

Later, in another Google search, now armed with the part number, I found the part for less than $80 from another dealer.

If you view this video, you’ll see it’s really pretty easy to replace the screen. I would recommend having a pair of needle-nose pliers handy, as some of those screws aresmall. Getting them back in their holes after replacing the screen was the hardest part.

All in all, however, I feel truly empowered, and I just wanted to pass this on to our traveling clients.

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