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Written by Tim Haight

I'm VP of Technology Services for CGNET. I love to travel and do IT strategic planning.

June 13, 2013

iPass Open Mobile gets improvementsiPass Open Mobile has introduced new updates on iOS and Android to help make end users more self-reliant:
• On the Apple AppStore—iPass Open Mobile for iOS version 3.1.0
• And on Google Play —iPass Open Mobile for Android version 2.7.0
Over the past 6 months, iPass has added capabilities that make getting started and connecting to iPass networks easier—from providing end users with account set-up assistance, to identifying iPass networks on iOS, to adding international inflight Internet on Android.
With this new release, iPass continues our easy-connectivity mission by adding the following capabilities:
• Consume less power to get more access. The Android release has made improvements in power consumption, since Wi-Fi can be a drain on battery resources.
• Ready, Set, Go! End user account setup is easier than ever—from email setup to better messaging. There is no need for the end user to ask IT or iPass for any help! Users can also test their accounts (including username and password) to make sure that they are ready to connect before they get to a hotspot, ensuring a successful first time connection.
• International inflight for everyone. The same great inflight support found on Android is now available for iOS. Wait for the OK to use your device on your flight—then tap connect and you’re online.
• Loyalty program members often get complimentary access to hotel Wi-Fi. Both apps now allow you to easily take advantage of this complimentary access within the app.
• Something for the IT administrator. IT has long allowed end users to set the auto-connect function to “On” so users can just turn on their device to connect to a Wi-Fi network. But on some networks this feature is cost prohibitive. Both apps now allow you to choose which sets of networks can have auto-connect capabilities.
• And of course, more networks. The iPass Mobile Network now includes 1,244,000+ hotspots in 123 countries and territories. And in flight, our network now includes over 1,800 planes.

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