Microsoft Bookings: Book Customers and Take Payment, Easier Than Ever

Written by Shawn Lyles

July 19, 2018

Microsoft Bookings: Book Customers and Take Payment, Easier Than Ever

If you’re new to Microsoft Bookings, let me introduce you to our post titled “The Microsoft Bookings Update You Don’t Want to Miss”. It’s an overview of Microsoft Bookings that details some of the major functionality of the application.

Microsoft Bookings was designed to provide SMB’s with a better way to book customer appointments. Bookings presents your calendar to customers and lets them select the appointment time that works best for them. Once a customer chooses a time, your Bookings page is updated and your calendar records the appointment. Now that Microsoft Bookings has added the ability to charge customers when they book appointments with you, it’s worth looking into.

You can take payments through Microsoft Bookings with Stripe and PayPal. Stripe supports customers in the United States and Canada and PayPal supports customers in Mexico, United States and Canada. Microsoft will be rolling out payments to all customers world-wide over the coming months, so if you don’t see Payments in Bookings yet, look for future announcements.

How to Get Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings is a part of the Office 365 Business Apps and is included in Office 365 Business Premium. If you’re an Office 365 customer using the E3 or E5 subscription, you can get Bookings as well. Follow this link to learn more.

Setting up Microsoft Bookings

We could tell you all the steps to set up Microsoft Bookings, but Microsoft does a better job than we could do! (Plus, there are pictures.) Follow this link for complete instructions.

If your SMB was using Microsoft Bookings, how would it change your workflow?

Free E-Book

If you’re interested in learning more about Microsoft Bookings, follow this link to receive a free E-book from Microsoft: 4 Ways to simplify your appointments with Microsoft Bookings

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  1. Tejas Haria

    Link to Microsoft article seems to be broken.

    • Dan Callahan

      Thanks for catching this. I’ve updated the link and it should work now.
      – Dan

  2. John Taylor

    The link still does not work. I submitted my information and received nothing in return. Very sketchy.

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