Microsoft Expands Office 365 Availability

Written by Dan Callahan

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September 11, 2013

This announcement slipped by me, but I thought it was worth mentioning for a couple of reasons.  As the announcement describes, Microsoft has expanded the availability of Office 365, adding 38 more countries to its list.  Office 365 is now available in 127 countries… That’s most of the world, folks!

And as a side note, “availability” means that customers in that country can now sign up directly for Office 365.  That hasn’t kept customers who bought Office 365 elsewhere from deploying Office 365 in these countries.  For instance, Thailand is on the list of “now available” countries, but CGNET deployed Office 365 to the Thailand office of a US-based customer some time ago.

What I find more interesting is that Microsoft continues to expand the languages that it supports under Office 365 (now 36) and the currencies that can be used to pay for Office 365 licenses (now including currencies such as the Indian Rupee).

This is the beauty of Software-as-a-Service.  Microsoft can keep adding to the service, in rapid fashion, while the service is in use.  No more waiting for a year or more to see new functionality.

If you have operations in places like Vietnam, Thailand, Mongolia, Barbados, Zimbabwe–you get the idea–and you thought availability of Office 365 was holding you back, it’s time to give Office 365 another look.

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