Microsoft Mobile App updates and New Capabilities for Developers

Written by Shawn Lyles

December 18, 2015

Microsoft Mobile App updates and New Capabilities for Developers

This week Microsoft announced several improvements to their mobile apps. Microsoft recently released a new OneDrive pp for Windows 10 mobile and it offers you the capabilities to view, edit, developersdelete, share and upload files on your personal OneDrive or your OneDrive for Business.

The OneDrive iOS app will support offline storage, so you can selectively flag your files for local availability and open them when you’re offline, this new feature is available now. Microsoft released the offline storage on Android in September 2015 and plans to offer this capability to Windows 10 Mobile in the second quarter of 2016.

Office Lens for iOS

Office Lens for iOS now supports uploaded content directly into OneDrive for Business. Office Lens is like the master of mobile scanners, it lets you take pictures of printed documents, business cards, expense reports, drawings and whiteboards, with automated cropping, trimming and searching for images.

Microsoft plans to add OneDrive for Business support to Android and Windows 10 sometime in the first quarter of 2016.

The new capabilities for developers

Microsoft is adding value for developers by creating a new OneDrive for Business API that will allow developers to programmatically access OneDrive for Business files. The OneDrive for Business API supports thumbnails, search, uploading large files and sync changes. Developers can write directly to the OneDrive for Business API or access it from the Microsoft Graph. Microsoft also provides the tools and SDKs for Universal Windows, iOS and Android-including support for simple “file picker” integration that enables import and export of your OneDrive for Business content. Lastly, Microsoft has also released an updated preview of a JavaScript Picker SDK for web app file management.

Check in with the OneDrive developer portal for more information and updates.

Download and or update these apps and let us know what you think about the new features!

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