Microsoft: Project Spartan

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March 9, 2015

Internet Explorer Starts to Listen

The future of Internet Explorer is Spartan, and Spartan will look a lot like Siri.

In January, as part of its Windows 10 launch, Microsoft revealed Project Spartan. On Monday, March 2nd, WinBeta, a site for Windows enthusiasts, featured details about this project and its Cortana integration. WinBeta is a great site for the latest Windows news.

According to WinBeta, Project Spartan will replace Internet Explorer. Its integration will allow users to be more versatile while surfing the web. Cortana, a feature like Apples Siri, will be available in the Spartan browser. A video on the WinBeta site shows how Cortana will work. Among other things, it can provide directions, and even information, on locations worldwide. With Cortanas integration in the address bar, the user will be able to type single words, like traffic or weather, to see local conditions. In addition, the ask Cortanafeature resembles Siri.

It looks like Project Spartan’s new web browser promises a lot of new user experiences for Windows 10 users.

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