Microsoft Wearables Productivity Updates

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August 11, 2015

Microsoft Wearables Productivity Updates


On August 6th Microsoft posted a brief roundup of a few new software release specifically for various wearable hardware. For those who are somehow not yet familiar with the term, Microsoft has encapsulated it as “an emerging type of device that promises to be always with you and provide relevant, personal notifications to keep you focused—through simple, natural and brief interactions.” So far most wearables are “smart watch” type devices, such as the Apple Watch, and the Android Wear.


Other companies have been experimenting with other form factors (such as Google Glass) but the wrist-top device seems to be catching on. As such, Microsoft is continuing to release and upgrade versions of their products that fit this new hardware platform. “Over the past months, we’ve delivered a number of experiences on wearables: OneDrive, OneNote, PowerPoint, Skype, Yammer, as well as some from our newly joined Sunrise and Wunderlist teams. You even have Cortana on your Microsoft Band!”


Notable updates in August have included:



  • Outlook for Apple Watch

“Reply, schedule and archive right from your wrist,” the new ultra-mobile version of Outlook boasts that users will never miss what’s important. It will provide the ability to read emails in full, dictate responses, and track appointments.


  • Yammer for Apple Watch—coming soon to unleash Handoff

Microsoft’s chatting program, Yammer, features the ability to have access to conversations and updates in real time, to allow for instant action to be taken when necessary.


  • Microsoft Translator for Apple Watch and Android Wear

The translator program reportedly allows instant voice access to 50 languages as a companion to a the version installed on the connected smartphone.


  • OneNote for Android Wear

OneNote has been upgraded “to let you say, see and do more” such as personalized photo backgrounds for the watch face and the ability to dictate notes directly into the wrist-mounted device

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