Office 365 Groups with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector

Written by Shawn Lyles

May 3, 2016

Office 365 Groups with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector

With Dynamics CRM connector for Office 365 Groups, you can stay abreast of tasks on your CRM records within the groups experience in Outlook.What if your group wants to follow what’s going on with one of your biggest customers? With Dynamics CRM Connector you could add the account as a connector to the group, so whenever any task is created for that account in CRM Online, everyone in the group will be able to read and respond to it.

How does Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online connector work?Rich Cards

When connecting a CRM record using the group connector, all task activity for that record is sent to the group.

If your record in CRM has sensitive information, we suggest that you connect it to a private group where only approved members will have access. A public group is accessible to anyone in your organization and connecting a CRM record to a public group would make the activity public within your organization. Learn more about Office 365 groups here.

Once Dynamics CRM Online Connector is connected, the tasks for the connected record are delivered as rich cards to the group. The rich cards can be viewed in multiple clients that include Outlook on the web, Outlook for Windows, and in the Outlook Groups app for iOS and Android. You can also connect CRM opportunity and lead records to a group.

How Dynamics CRM Online Connector works with current Office 365 Groups integration

Office 365 Groups has been integrated into the Dynamics CRM client since last year. Any CRM user with an Exchange mailbox can use this functionality.

Currently, the groups integration enables you to create a group for any entity in CRM which then creates a rich embedded groups experience within your CRM record.

If you are looking to optimize your CRM-groups integration, you’ll want to configure your CRM record so you can see bi-directional updates – from CRM to group, and from group to CRM. To accomplish this, you should create a group for your CRM record first. Once you create a group named “Sample Organization Group” for opportunity “Sample Organization” in CRM for example, your group feed will show up in the CRM record. Then you can configure your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online connector for this group from Outlook Web App.

What else can you do with connectors?

Office 365 Groups have over 60 different connectors that can be used for a multitude of purposes. With groups integrated into your CRM, you will have access to a broad selection of information right within your CRM client! All you need to do is create a group from CRM,

configure that group with the connector you need, like Twitter or RSS feeds, from Outlook Web App and you’ll now be able to see connector cards within Dynamics CRM client too.

How does Dynamics CRM Online Connector for Office 365 Groups benefit your organization’s business process and workflow?

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