Office 365 support is Included in Office Lens for iOS

Written by Shawn Lyles

October 26, 2015

Office 365 support is Included in Office Lens for iOS

The top two requests from Office Lens users are for support for Office 365 accounts, and enhanced business card scanning. The Office Lens team has listened to users requests and announced today that Office Lens has new features.

  • All Office Lens users for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone now have the Business Card mode feature which can quickly convert business card information into digital contacts in mobile address books.
  • Office 365 work and school accounts can now share enhanced documents much more securely with Office Lens for iPhone.

Office Lens for iOS gives users the ability to protect their data in OneDrive for Business, offering the same high level of security that is provided for all enterprise data in Office 365.

Office Lens for iPhone now includes Office 365 support

Version 1.2 of Office Lens was released today, with more enhancements than ever. With Office Lens you can turn your smartphone into a scanner by cropping, straightening and enhancing your pictures of documents and whiteboards. Additional features of Office Lens allows you to sign in to your Office 365 work or school account and save documents to OneNote, Word and PowerPoint, or as as an image or PDF file on OneDrive for Business.

Benefits of professionals using Office Lens in Office 365 include:

  • The ability to take a picture, scan, save and share whiteboard meeting notes.
  • Scanning receipts and making expense reports easier.
  • Share contracts or documents that require signatures and store them for easy retrieval for co-workers or clients from any device.
  • Scan business cards and save them for everyone to access.
  • New Business Card mode can convert information into contacts in your tablet or phone’s address book.

For teachers, Office Lens for Office 365 Education can be used to:

  • With Office Lens you can Grade and annotate student’s paper reports and share them with individuals or your entire class.
  • Share lesson plans, lectures, meeting notes or other document types in a centralized faculty site.
  • Scan classroom brainstorm sessions from a whiteboard, chalkboard, or document right into OneNote. Then you can search by keyword with the Office Lens optical character recognition (OCR) so that you can edit or copy text into other documents or email.

Benefits Students get from using Office Lens:Office Lens

  • Take pictures and scan presentations or whiteboard notes, which will eliminate the need to take notes during lectures.
  • Capture and share class projects, lab experiments, equations, physical papers and securely store them as digital content.

Office Lens has supplied user examples for you to check out at

A deeper look at Office Lens new Business Card mode

Office Lens Business Card mode, let’s you convert business cards into digital contacts like never before. The Business Card mode feature is available on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. When using Office Lens the Business Card mode let’s you save your business card scan as a virtual content file (VCF) directly to your tablet or phone contacts. You are also able to store the business card information into the “Contacts” section of OneNote to access or share. Office Lens currently works best with English, German and Spanish business cards, with more languages coming soon.

What are you or your organization going to use Office Lens for? Let us know what is the most effective way to use Office Lens for your business or learning needs.

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