What is Office Delve and Should Your Organization Use It?

Written by Shawn Lyles

January 23, 2015

What is Office Delve and Should Your Organization Use It?

It can be frustrating sometimes to work on a project or task with colleagues in your organization, having to continuously email, call and visit people just to ensure the task gets finished in a timely manner. Office Delve has the power to stop all the unnecessary time wasting when trying to communicate with colleagues and make your interactions much more productive.

What is Office Delve?

Office Delve is a Microsoft Office 365 product that helps users discover information that is likely to be the most interesting information for them at that time, across all of Office 365. Office Graph powers the connected information and interactions between users to make Office Delve such an incredible product.
Office Delve learns from how you and your colleagues work and interact, tailoring the information for all colleagues. The more you and your colleagues view, share, and edit documents, the more useful Office Delve becomes. The information that is shown to you in your views in Office Delve differ from what your colleagues see in theirs.
Office Delve respects all user permissions by keeping your documents private, so you will only have access to documents that your colleagues share.

Julia White, General Manager of Office 365 Technical Product Management, says, “We launched Microsoft Office 365 with the vision of helping people get more done, collaborate more effectively, and have greater flexibility in how they work.” Office Delve definitely lives up to Microsoft’s aspirations for Office 365, it is an amazing addition to the Office 365 product line.

Office Delve was launched in early September 2014, and has been meeting their developmental milestones ever since. Office Delve is aiming to have the information you are looking for, providing an intuitive and time saving office tool. In early January, Office Delve released a new feature called boards. The boards feature helps you organize content in a pin board style layout that makes it readily accessible and easy to share with your colleagues.
In Office Delve, you can create new boards to collect, organize and share all documents related to a specific project your team or organization is working on. Everyone with access to the board will have the ability to view, discuss and contribute to your shared board.

Boards can be looked at as shareable folders that have unique content that others can discover and contribute to. All views available in Office Delve will only show the content each person has permission to see.
Sharing your Office Delve boards with your organization or specific colleagues is easy, you can simply share the URL of the board you want to give others access to. Or you can click on Send a Link directly from the board.

How will Office Delve impact your organization?

• Office Delve can increase your organization’s productivity.
• Office Delve can speed up a new hire’s learning curve.
• Office Delve can save you time when researching a specific topic.
• Office Delve can help build better relationships with your team members by helping them interact more frequently on a professional level.

Is Office Delve included in Office 365?

Office Delve is included in the Office 365 Enterprise E1-E4 subscription plans (including the corresponding A2-A4 and G1-G4 plans). In January 2015, Office Delve will be included in the Office 365 Business Essentials and Business Premium plans, Office 365 Small Business, Small Business Premium and Midsize Business plans. These releases will roll out to all customers in phases throughout the first few months of 2015 in standard releases.

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