Office Online and Box are Being Integrated for Enterprise Collaboration

Written by Shawn Lyles

June 18, 2015

Office Online and Box are Being Integrated for Enterprise CollaborationBox + Office Online

This week Box announced integration with Office Online, opening up Office to customers and partners to help them easily collaborate with documents and digital content. Box says Microsoft Office files are among the most uploaded, edited and shared files within Box. Over 1 billion Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents are currently within Box and millions more are being added daily. So now, you can create and manage your docs, presentations and spreadsheets from anywhere on any device securely right from Box.

Box included these 3 key features in Office Online:

Seamless communication and workflows between Box and Office Online: With the ‘open’ button you can work on and edit files in Office Online from Box.

Full editing capabilities: All the documents, presentation and spreadsheet editing features you are used to using in Office Online will be fully functional from Box’s platform, with the same interface you are familiar with.

Easier collaboration with ‘share’: With the ‘share’ button users will soon be able to share content in Office Online the same way that it is currently done in Box.

This powerful integration of Box with Office Online will let people work completely within their web browser without having to open installed applications. This will open up computers regardless of their operating systems to be workstations that can collaborate with other workstations.

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