IT Outsourcing, CGNET Style

Written by Tim Haight

I'm VP of Technology Services for CGNET. I love to travel and do IT strategic planning.

October 29, 2013

CGNET logoBy Tim Haight

Did you know that CGNET provides outsourced IT administration and support? Right now, we do so in the United States, China, India and Nigeria. Tomorrow the rest of the world!

CGNET’s outsourced IT support comes in two forms. Domestically, we provide full-service support, including support of end users, desktops, printers and mobile devices. Our services also include IT planning, budgeting, server and network maintenance, and migration to new services that lowers overall IT costs.

Our domestic customers have sought us out because we provide a more comprehensive, responsive and friendly IT management experience than is otherwise available without an in-house IT manager. By combining remote and local support, we are also able to reduce costs below what in-house staffing would cost.

This addresses a gap at many organizations where desktop support may be available but higher-level functions are apt to be handled sporadically.

Internationally, CGNET’s services are used by organizations with offices in many countries who may have difficulty finding the best support in each location. By combining remote and local support, we are able to provide a comprehensive mix of high-quality services. Our extensive network of customers in more than 100 countries helps us locate the best people to provide local support, while we backstop that support remotely.

Today, the role of IT is changing, It’s more than just keeping everything running; it’s increasingly the higher-level issues, from moving systems to the cloud to security, planning, budgeting and training. Don’t let these get put off for too long. If you’re looking for comprehensive outsourced support, wherever you are, contact us.

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