Project Online’s December Enhancements

Written by Shawn Lyles

December 21, 2015

Project Online’s December Enhancements

As a request from customers earlier this month Microsoft announced the roll out of three new improvements to Project Online.Project Online

Increasing custom field limits for reporting

Customers have spoken and asked Microsoft to include more project text custom fields in their reports.

New Limits:

Project custom fields Timesheet custom fields Task and Resource custom fields, combined
450 text fields 450 text fields 450 text fields
450 lookup tables 450 lookup tables 450 lookup tables
450 of all other fields types (cost, date, duration, number, flag) 450 of all custom fields types (cost, date, duration, number, flag) 450 of all custom field types (cost, date, duration, number, flag)


This change is in currently in effect across all PWA sites!

Project IDs

Customers wanted their organizations to be able to generate a unique project ID for each new project. This will allow users to refer to a project independent of the project name, which could change. Previously organizations accomplished this through a number of ways: manually entering the next number when a project is created, building it into their workflow or using the custom event handler. Instead of having your organization build custom solutions or introduce and implement a manual process, Microsoft thought it was smart to bake it into the service. Introducing the new feature that generates a unique project ID on creation of a project.

To enable the Project IDs function, you need to define your project ID as part of the Enterprise Project Type (EPT)

Project Online







Each EPT has its own project ID definition. You can choose a fixed Pre- and Postfix Starting Number and Minimum Digit Padding. The project ID can be added to a number of views throughout PWA and in custom reports. It can also be programmatically updated using CSOM.

Microsoft is saying that they are putting the finishing touches no the Project ID feature and will start reaching  PWA sites over the next few months.

Email Notifications

Improved email notifications functionality in Project Online is a new feature that is designed to keep you on top of what’s coming, by letting you know when things are due and what’s currently on your list of things to do.

If you want to learn more about taking advantage of email notifications you can check out:

Turn on notifications in Project Online 

Get email reminders in Project Online

What are your thoughts on the new Project Online features? and how will your organization benefit from using them?


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