Seven Good Reasons to Move to Hosted Exchange 2010 at CGNET

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December 13, 2012

Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010 provides several benefits that may not be obvious, particularly when it is hosted in a virtual environment.

1.       A Fast and Effective DR – Business Continuity Solution
There will always be an up-to-the minute copy of your organization’s mail.  This is due to the existence of Database Availability Groups (DAGs).   This gives such resiliency that if server fails, CGNET can activate another copy of your database within 30 seconds.  This is a huge improvement over the current system, which would take hours to restore.
2.       Continuous Availability
Since databases can be moved with users logged on, scheduled maintenance is done by activating a different copy before running the needed maintenance. This translates into basically zero downtime.
3.       Improved control for administrators
You get real power by delegating administrative tasks to staff and empowering general mail users with better tools and better interfaces.    Note the benefit of
·         Granular access control – You can create a role, for example, where the administrator can only modify of existing mailboxes, without the privileges to create or delete mailboxes.
·         DelegatIon at the attribute level –  You can give permissions to only edit certain attributes, such as names and email addresses,  but not the department and company fields.
Features like this mean that the workload for administration can be easily spread out.
4.       Offload the Helpdesk
Mail users have better access and tools to self-service for issues that they would previously have had to refer to the mail administrator or helpdesk
·         Users can do their own deleted item recovery.
·         Users can track their own messages, as well as manage their own settings. If given permissions, they can even perform some other basic administrative tasks via a web console.
·         Users can access this delivery report console via OWA.
·         Users can search for their messages to see if and when a message got handed off to another mailbox in the Exchange system and whether this took place successfully.
5.       Direct benefit to users: enhanced mobile support
All clients – Outlook, OWA, and mobile – have conversation view.  Conversation view collapses all messages related to one conversation thread into one place, greatly reducing your mailbox clutter and saving you from having to go searching for messages relevant to that thread.  This looks similar to the way Gmail shows your message threads.
This is particularly useful around mobile access – the classic situation would be flying back from vacation with  several hundred messages in your inbox. You have conversations with 50 messages in them, only a handful of which fit on your mobile screen at one time. So rather than having to select and assess and delete these messages 50 times over, you can triage all this data as one conversation and have done with it. It can make the difference in whether you can effectively use your mobile for email. When you add in that you can ignore whole conversations that you find are not relevant to you, including future messages within that conversation, your information load is reduced even further.
6.       Direct benefit to users: “Mail Tips”
Exchange now gives tips such as a “Recipient Out of Office” warning BEFORE you send that recipient a message. You can eliminate that whole conversation and route it to someone who is in the office instead, saving both of you time.  A warning  is also issued when a user is about to send or reply to a distribution list with a large number of recipients, in case the user  might not have intended to share the message with such a large group.  For future integration 2010 also offers voicemail preview, which allows you to see a voice-to-text transcript of the voicemail
7.       Up to the minute Technology
Your organization will be using the latest versions of software and patches providing the most secure and trouble free installation available.  CGNET keeps its hosted Microsoft Exchange up to date for you.

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