Skype for Business: The Step-by-Step Guide for New Users (Video)

Written by Shawn Lyles

April 29, 2015

Skype for Business: The Step-by-Step guide for new users (video)

This video will be very helpful to many of our customers and readers, so I decided to post it!

Skype for Business Video Overview:

  1. How to use the Contact List
  2. Using Presence and Instant Messaging
  3. Impromptu Meeting
  4. How to schedule a Skype Meeting
  5. Video in your Meeting
  6. Better Desktop Sharing
  7. Office Integration
  8. Recording your Meeting
  9. Managing Meeting Participants
  10. Tools for Collaboration

The video is around 15 minutes long, enjoy!

If want to know more about Skype for Business for your organization we can help! Contact us

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