Streamlining the Skype Meeting Experience for Mac Users

Streamlining the Skype meeting 400x319

Written by Dan Callahan

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November 28, 2018

Streamlining the Skype meeting 400x319You Can’t Get There from Here

Microsoft is rolling out a small fix (OK, “feature improvement.” Don’t hate me software developers!) for the Skype Meetings experience. It may be a small thing, but if you have Mac users in your organization, they’ll be happy to see the change. 

Until now, Mac users who wanted to join a Skype for Business meeting had two choices: 

  • Join via a web browser 
  • Download and install the Skype Meetings App 

I can tell you that joining via the web browser wasn’t always a smooth experience. And having to use a special app just to join Skype meetings seemed rather… old-school Microsoft. Where is the love?

Fixed (“Improved”) That

Beginning December 12th, Mac users will be able to join Skype for Business meetings using… the Skype for Business for Mac desktop application! Yes, it should have been this way all the time. But be happy that the Mac experience has gotten better. What’s more, Mac users can join these Skype for Business meetings as a guest—no need to get a Microsoft account just so you can join someone’s meeting. 

After December 12th, Mac users will be directed to download and install the Skype for Business for Mac app when they want to join a Skype for Business meeting. 

And what about Teams? I have a suspicion the Teams meeting experience already works as you would expect. Hopefully, more on that later.

Click here to download the Skype for Business for Mac application (it’s free). The article also links to useful articles on known issues and an FAQ.


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