TAS provides Roaming Wi-Fi Access for iPads

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December 13, 2012

iPass-iPadIf you’re an iPad or iPhone owner, you can now use CGNET’s TAS to get Wi-Fi access while you’re on the road.  There’s a free app you can download and set to use your TAS ID when looking for a Wi-Fi access point. It’s provided by iPass, the network of more than 260,000 Wi-Fi hotspots that support CGNET TAS.
It’s simple to use.  When you’re in a hotel, cafe, airport, or on board a flight, you can start the app, and it will listen for any iPass hotspots nearby, including inflight services.  If it finds one, it offers it with a “Login” button.  Click it, and you’re on!  (Normal TAS charges apply, of course.)  You can also run the app before you travel and find access points near your destination in advance.
If you’ve got a Wi-Fi-only iPad, this is a great way to keep connected.  Even iPhone users will find it handy, especially when on board a flight or when cell phone data services are hard to use.  If you’d like instructions on how to set it up, just email support@cgnet.com

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