Two New Microsoft Teams Bots Your Software Team Will Love

Written by Shawn Lyles

July 26, 2018

Written by Shawn Lyles

July 26, 2018

Two New Microsoft Teams Bots Your Software Team Will LoveBitBucket Bot and Jira Bot for Microsoft Teams

If your organization is interested in making sure your software team is using the most efficient and enjoyable tools for getting their work done and completing their tasks, you should check out the BitBucket Bot and the Jira Cloud Bot for Microsoft Teams. These are third-party bots that bring valuable DevOps tools to Microsoft Teams.

What Do These New Bots Do?

BitBucket Cloud Bot

BitBucket Cloud Bot was built for your software team members to collaborate on code, access your repositories, pull requests and merge code right within Teams. Users can pull code from a single repository or multiple repositories. BitBucket Cloud Bot allows developers to branch and merge code from within the Teams application–no context switching required!

Jira Cloud Bot

Jira Cloud Bot was built to help your software team plan, track and release great software. With Jira Cloud Bot your software team can easily find issues, assign them to the proper the people, make edits, log time against an issue, watch/in-watch and vote/in-vote on those same issues. Jira has been a favorite of software developers for years. It provides tools for release management and tracking of bugs and related software issues. With Jira Cloud Bot, developers can get to Jira right from Teams. Again, no context-switching required!

Jira Cloud Tab

Jira Cloud Tab isn’t new, but it’s valuable nonetheless. It gives you access to all your work items in Teams, everything assigned to you and reported by you. Plus, you’ll be able to access your customized filters.

You can create a Jira work item from Teams. You can create the project and work item type that you want to create, while also being able to provide additional details like the Summary, Description and Assigned To. To show your work item in the list, Jira Tab gets refreshed in place.

When you click on a work item, it opens the description view. This view shows additional details like status and priority. It also permits you to change the Summary, Description, Assignee, Status or Priority. You can also make comments on work items from the description view.

Collaboration Tools Are Good for Software Development Teams

Some benefits of using collaboration tools for software teams are:

  • Remote workers get to use the same tools as people in the office
  • You can track your team’s collaboration efforts
  • New team members have an easier time learning and getting projects completed

If you’d like information on purchasing and licensing for BitBucket Bot and Jira Bot, it’s here. If you’re interested in learning more about Microsoft Teams, let us know.

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