Increase Business with Microsoft Bookings

Written by Shawn Lyles

November 2, 2016

Increase Business with Microsoft Bookings

It can take a lot of your time getting customers appointments booked. Scheduling appointments usually includes, sending and receivingMicrosoft Bookings emails, trying to get in contact with the customer over the phone and or reminding them to show up to their appointment.

Microsoft has introduced a new service to Office 365 called Microsoft Bookings. This new service provides Office 365 customers (First Release, Business Premium Currently) a unique webpage that offers your customers the ability to schedule appointments with you when you’re not around to pick up the phone or respond via email.

The web page Microsoft gives Office 365 customers through the Microsoft Bookings service, is easy to use, looks good on large and small screens and is mobile responsive.

How Microsoft Bookings Functions

The service is so easy to use. All a customer has to do  to set up an appointment is select the service they want – and that is based on the availability you’ve) provided. They, choose a day and time, enter their contact information and press book, to book the appointment.

Microsoft Bookings will send your customer an email confirmation right after they book and will also send them an option to add the appointment to their calendar. Microsoft Bookings also allows you to set a reminder email, that’s sent based on how much notice you want to give before the appointment time and date.

Microsoft Bookings allows self-service changes for customers, by clicking on the link in their confirmation email or the appointment they set in their calendar. This takes the customer to your scheduling web page where if gives them the option to pick a different day and time or to simply cancel the appointment. Another useful feature is the ability to control how much advance notice is required for a customer to cancel their appointment. Bookings Calendar

When you’re in your Microsoft Bookings account you arrive at the bookings calendar. It gives you a full view of your upcoming appointments. From the bookings calendar you can reschedule, cancel or re-assign an existing booking to another available staff member. You can also create a new booking, and when communicating with the customer, you can use the “split view” button to see which staff members will be available at the customers chosen time.

Customer List

Microsoft bookings customer list, is available to assist you in staying in touch with your customers. Customer list does this by creating a contact for your customers whenever you, or they create a booking from your scheduling page.


With the Office 365 navigation bar you can access all these capabilities whenever you’re online.

Not only will Microsoft Bookings add appointments to your customer’s calendars, it will also add appointments to your staff’s calendars.

Microsoft Bookings works with:

  1. Outlook Calendar in Office 365
  3. Google Calendar


Microsoft Bookings Availability

Microsoft Bookings is currently available to First Release customer who’ve subscribed to the Office 365 Business Premium plan and will officially rollout to all Office 365 Business Premium customers in the next few months. Once the rollout is official, Office 365 Business Premium customers will be able to access Microsoft Bookings from their app launcher.

Microsoft Bookings doesn’t require your business email to be routed through Office 365, so you can keep using your current email service provider without any charges.

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