Windows Server 2003 SP2: We Think It’s Safe Now…

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December 13, 2007

By Ricardo Uribe

(Originally published August 14, 2007)
Some of you may remember that when we tested updating Windows Server 2003 to Service Pack 1, we found some issues that needed to be resolved first. Thus, when SP2 for Windows Server 2003 came out, we decided to wait a bit longer before testing and implementing it.

Happily, we now believe the time has come when SP2 can be installed without unusual worries. We’ve done it here, and all domain controllers running on it are working fine.

We are now recommending installing SP2 on your Windows Server 2003 platforms supporting your domain controllers and Exchange servers. We do suggest, however, that you do the upgrades one at a time and that you are sure to consider the amount of free disk space needed.

The article linked to below describes the disk space requirements, as well as providing other links to related Windows Server 2003 upgrade information.

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