Yammer Conversations Coming to Office 365

Written by Tim Haight

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June 6, 2014

Yammer-logoEver since Microsoft bought Yammer, it’s been working to integrate it with SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. Now it’s started rolling out some of those features, starting with the ability to embed Yammer in SharePoint sites. It’s done that for some time, and it’s also been possible to make Yammer your enterprise collaboration system of choice for Office 365. What it’s added now is Yammer Conversations, which is a new feature of Office 365. It appears when editing documents in OneDrive for Business or SharePoint document libraries.

With Yammer Conversations, Office 365 users can open a Yammer discussion from within Office Online apps, such as Word and Excel. This means that when a group is working on a shared document, it can also discuss it. It also means that those discussions can be shared throughout the organization’s greater Yammer structure.

I’ve put together the video below to show you what it’s all about. There’s also some details from Microsoft at the following Office Blog post.

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