CGNET Customer Highlight: AfricaRice Named Mobile App Of The Week By Infinite Monkeys

CGNET Customer Highlight: AfricaRice Named Mobile App AfricaRice mobile appOf The Week By Infinite Monkeys

Once again, we are highlighting our customer accomplishments because we like to celebrate them when they get acknowledged for their amazing work!

This week we are highlighting AfricaRice for being named mobile app of the week for September 28th – October 4th, by Infinite Monkeys. Infinite Monkeys is a drag and drop mobile app creation platform that allows users to create HTML5, Android and iPhone apps.

AfricaRice’s app breakdown:

The AfricaRice app has about 16 links to social media and different content sections; that mimic the most popular links and pages from their website. The app design is simple, clean and effective, in getting their most relevant information super accessible from this mobile app platform.
My favorite mobile app page is the download page that lets you take a look at their most recent research and development strategies in boosting Africa’s rice sector.

Download the AfricaRice app today!

AfricaRice and their work:

The Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice) is a leading rice research organization committed to improving the livelihood of people in Africa, through their science and partnerships in this area. AfricaRice is one of 15 international agricultural research centers that are members of the CGIAR Consortium.
AfricaRice is on a mission to help elevate poverty and food scarcity in Africa, through their research, development and partnerships that are aimed at increasing profitability and productivity. So the rice sector in Africa can continue to produce from their thriving farming environment.


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