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The goal of this Microsoft Azure Resource Center is to be the most comprehensive, informative and up to date destination online. With the goal of helping in the process of choosing between Azure and other cloud platforms, or just being educated on what Microsoft Azure is and why you might need it. When working with different organizations, being informed on the tools that will help non-profits meet their goals we take seriously. So with this Microsoft Azure Resource Center we are aiming to offer a clean, straightforward, and simple look at Azure.

What Is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform and infrastructure, which allows you to store data without having to purchase any extra equipment. Microsoft Azure can be the cost savings method that keeps your data safe and helps you move faster.

For the average consumer, cloud storage is usually small and basic. For organizations that we work with, that have to manage a large work load, they need a infrustructure like Microsoft Azure that will reflect their business needs.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

One benefit of Azure is their IaaS, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, that provides virtualized computing resources over the web. With Microsofts Azure’s IaaS, you can put your hardware, software, servers, storage and other infustructure compnents online. Microsoft Azure allows you to scale up or down easily, letting you adjust on-demand without having the massive costs of purchasing or selling more equipment. In essence Microsoft Azure is taking the maintenance and cost off your “shoulders”, by handeling the maintenance for you. Microsoft Azure’s IaaS is well suited for workloads that are temporary and change unexpectedly.

PaaS, Platform-as-a-Service, is another benefit of Microsoft Azure. It is a computing model that delivers applications over the web. What MIcrosoft Azure’s PaaS does, is it allows a developer to move their work online. Through Azure, you can build applications and handle services. Microsoft Azure works with all languages and platforms so you can work with what you know as a developer and get what you need done as an organization.

With Microsoft Azure you work through their cloud service, with access and ability to work when you need to, save money, time and use less resources. Azure is currently the only major platform ranked by Garner as an industry leader for both infustructur-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service.

With Azure you can scale the entire service to fit your organizations needs. The price will fit the amount that you plan to use, Microsoft continues to aim for competitive prices, and get constant billing updates. Microsoft Azure offers some of the best prices for their services. Check Azure pricing, or contact us if you have additional questions.

Windows Azure is always up and always on, offering a 99.95% availablity SLA, 24×7 tech support and round-the-clock service health monitoring. With Azure you will share the same enterprise-tested platform that powers Office 365, Bing, Skype and Xbox.

Located in another country?

Don’t worry, Microsoft Azure has datacenters around the world that allow it to remain fast at all times. You will not find many other cloud platforms with the reach that you have with Azure. This is another reason Microsoft Azure stands out, especially for global organizations, or organizations that work on a global scale. Azure offers the speed and reliability that your organization expects at all times.

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