Office 365 Customer Success Center Announced

Office 365 Customer Success CenterThis sounds really boring, but actually it’s helpful. The Office 365 Customer Success Center assembles a lot of useful information about Office 365 in one place. Usually, finding the right information about a Microsoft product can be like searching for an Easter Egg in tall, tall grass. So, if you’re an administrator or consultant helping organizations implement Office 365, this is a great place to get help.

What You Will Find

My favorite section is “Resources,” which is on the top nav bar. In Resources, you will find links to a ton of training materials, plus a bunch of stuff that will help you with change management. You can find advice about how to get top management on board, adoption plan templates, samples of announcements to send out, and lots of information specific to particular products, such as email, file sharing, and collaboration.

Outside the Resources section there are links to the Office 365 IT Community Yammer group and also to Microsoft partners. There is also helpful information about deployment, segmented by large and smaller organizations.

Check it out!

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