Office Mechanics is Becoming Microsoft Mechanics

Office Mechanics is Becoming Microsoft Mechanics

The Office Mechanics show most Microsoft followers have grown to love has expanded to cover more than just Office topics. Office Mechanics is now covering a wide variety of Microsoft products
and has decided to change the shows name to Microsoft Mechanics. Microsoft Mechanics is branding themselves to be a new show and video platform for tech enthusiasts and IT professionals.

Besides covering Office topics like the original show did, Microsoft Mechanics will also expand on tech from the Azure, Windows and Surface teams with
the same demo-packed 10 minute shows from the experts and engineers.

The new Microsoft Mechanics show will actually do more with Office than ever before, like with the new launch of the Demo Bench, which is a 2-3 minute demonstration that is usually delivered by the Microsoft engineers. Microsoft has already published many of these Demo Benches in the month of September already. So far the Demo Bench series have covered Office 2016, Exchange Server 2016 and OneDrive for Business updates.

Microsoft Mechanics has a launch sweepstakes they have announced on their Twitter page.

Next week will be the first Microsoft Mechanics show, so stay tuned!

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