Office Mix: Upgraded Slideshows with the Power of Video

Office Mix: Upgraded Slideshows with the Power of Video

Office Mix was originally created to help educators deliver interactive lessons, but Microsoft has been so amazed at office mixwhat people have been doing with Office Mix. That Microsoft has started to implement some of their ideas. Office Mix users are opening up the creative flood gates and giving Microsoft ideas on how to improve upon Office Mix.

Office Mix has an innovative video player that groups your content into different scenes that are organized as PowerPoint slides. This let’s your Mix viewers use the slide sorter view, so they can see all the slides together and jump around to the content that they want to watch.

Office Mix is able to do this by adding the PowerPoint web app with intuitive video handling that is powered by Azure Media Services. So basically, mixes are PowerPoint slides with added abilities and functionalities. Including animations, transitions and hyperlinks. Mix viewers can easily share via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Office Mix Analytics

Having analytics for Office Mix is critical in understanding who is viewing your Office Mixes and what actions they are taking when doing so. This will help educators and Office Mix authors refine what slides are working and what content is engaging. It will also help Office Mix authors to find out what is not working in an attempt to make that those slides more engaging.

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