The Office 365 Migration Guidance You Don’t Want to Miss

The Office 365 Migration Guidance You Don’t Want to Miss

This Office 365 migration guidance post will be helpful for you if you want to learn the nuts and bolts of migrating to

Office 365 Migration Guidance

Need Office 365 Migration Guidance? CGNET can help!

Office 365. This includes the research needed before your migration, including making important decisions for your migration as well as easing management after migrating.

Organizations all over the world regardless of their size, are now moving to Office 365 so that their management could be completely eliminated from on premises hardware as well as disaster recovery. Although the process of migrating to Office 365 might seem easy and straight forward to some, this migration process does need expert guidance. If you follow these tips properly, your whole migration process will be a lot easier for you.

Keep in mind that your organization might have to create a management plan after migrating to Office 365, in order to keep all of your tasks running smoothly. Despite the diversity of different organizations, most organizations need to particularly focus on their deployment and keeping it running. PowerShell for Office 365 can significantly ease your organizations worries in regards to that.

Be prepared for your Office 365 migration

You may run into some issues when migrating to Office 365, like seeing an increase of spam. Nevertheless spam can be easily configured and the way that you will choose will eventually depend on your organization size as well as number of your organizations end users. Another problem you might face is the slowing of your mailbox migration. This is a very common occurrence and Microsoft offers the troubleshooting tools in such cases. Problems might also occur because of firewalls or the divice that you used to increase capacity (concurrent users) and reliability of applications. PowerShell for Office 365 gives organizations the control to automate their Office 365 Resource management. There are many admins who still do not know the correct procedure to connect PowerShell in Office 365. So, your organizations admins should learn the process of unlocking the features that PowerShell has to offer. PowerShell can also be used to effectively change the password policies of Office 365.

Sometimes an organization’s current structure may create problems during the migration process.

These problems include:

  • The current exchange environment may not be stable and also has corruption issues which needed to be taken in account while the migration process in ongoing.
  • Slow network connection may also hamper the migration to Office 365 process
  • Sometimes organizations are filled with so much intense security that Office 365 migration needs to be tweaked in order to fit within that organizations security systems.
  • Moving email to the cloud is something that is completely new to organizations which call for security and regulatory policy adherence.

A proper management plan needs to be crafted even after your organizations Office 365 migration. so that you can stay rest assured that your Office 365 continues to run smoothly. Every enterprise is different in terms of its goals and needs, so these plans can be customized according to that.

If your organization needs help with your Office 365 migration then we can help! Our support is available 24 hours a day.


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