4 Trends We See for 2020

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Written by Tim Haight

I'm VP of Technology Services for CGNET. I love to travel and do IT strategic planning.

March 17, 2020

I must admit that I usually enjoy the technology predictions for each new year. I am also an avid reader of science fiction. Over the years, however, I’ve found that, for one reason or another, they don’t usually turn out to predict what IT managers really do.

This winter, after reacting to the annual crop of predictions, CGNET decided to take another approach. We would base our predictions on what our clients are actually doing, and planning to do, based on what we have learned working with them. We took inventory of our projects for the last 18 months and drew together what we had learned. Then we ran a first draft past some people in the field who we respected.

The result is “4 Trends We See for 2020: Focus on Small and Midsized Organizations.” You can get it on the CGNET publications page. You don’t even have to register. No salesperson will call.

What’s In the Report

The report provides two things: It discusses the four main trends we found, and it collects related pieces we have written on those subjects in our blog, with links.

The four main trends are:

1. Living in the Cloud, and Its Discontents
2. The Continuing Search for Security
3. The IT Support Revolution
4. People Power, for Better or Worse

At the risk of turning this post into a mass of spoilers, I will only say one thing about each trend:

1. There’s still so much you must do.
2. Developers build castles in the air; bad people sneak into them, and security vendors collect the rent.
3. Many small local IT support providers aren’t strategic, and this can be fatal to their clients.
4. One word: Adoption

Forgive me for being flip. The report’s content is better than that, so you should read it.


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