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CGNET’s Quality Assurance & Escalation Procedures


CGNET maintains a staffed Network Operations Center (NOC) that monitors our clients’ resources and our internally and externally hosted services. Generally, client and CGNET assets are checked every 10 minutes. In the event of an anomaly, an alarm is activated and an incident is created in our automated system. For each event, a scripted course of action is undertaken. Our facility is staffed 24/365 by data center engineers. Senior staff monitors the performance of the NOC personnel about every four hours, in a procedure known as a Quality Assurance Report (QAR). We also provide continuous on-line backup and recovery to ensure the highest possible trouble-free operation of our clients’ systems.



24/7/365 Monitoring and Onsite Support


Clients of CGNET Services can contact the Network Operations Center at any time to report a problem and seek assistance from the network engineer on duty. Should the problem persist, or if it is a business emergency, the client’s designated contact may request that the situation be escalated to CGNET’s Technical Manager, COO, or CEO. The escalation process occurs within 30 minutes of the client’s request. In cases when CGNET detects a problem which the duty engineer cannot resolve, we automatically escalate the problem for internal troubleshooting. CGNET also notifies the client’s designated contacts by email, IM, FAX or telephone within 30 minutes of problem detection. The method of notification depends on the escalation protocol that has been supplied by the client. When the problem is resolved, CGNET’s staff will once again notify the designated contacts about the nature of the issue and actions taken to rectify it. In the unlikely case that the problem can not be resolved by CGNET staff, then we will notify the designated contacts about the situation, along with our recommendation for the next steps to reach appropriate resolution.


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