Technology Assessments

Technology Assessments of your infrastructure, security, applications and policies will lead to smart strategic plans and roadmaps.

Information Risk Assessment

Despite your best efforts, there’s a real chance that some of the organization’s information is going to be compromised. Is your organization prepared to deal with this possibility? CGNET can help you understand the potential impacts of compromised information security, whether it affects confidentiality, data integrity, or availability. We will also prioritize actions that will address the weaknesses in your organization’s information security. Preparation now can mean peace of mind later!

IT Strategic Assessment

CGNET can examine the past and current performance of your organization’s IT in terms of existing technology, people and policies. After comparing these findings with your organization’s aspirations, we can then recommend technologies, processes and policies to close the gap between promise and performance.

Application Assessment

Sometimes an organization wants to select a particular kind of application, such as an enterprise content management system, or software for collaboration, grants management, finance or customer relationship management. CGNET has helped organizations select each of these, and more. By interviewing appropriate staff, ranking the importance of desired features, and providing demos of a handful of applications, we can lead your staff through pilot testing and a final implementation of the selected application.

Infrastructure Assessment

Organizations – particularly those that use an outside IT consultant to manage their technology – can benefit from a third-party assessment of their IT infrastructure. Find out if your infrastructure is set up ideally to meet your strategic goals, or if it may be time for some improvements. By applying a methodology that links infrastructure considerations to the strategic goals of your organization, CGNET can provide a practical roadmap for implementing enhancements over time.

IT Policy Assessment

All policies require strategic thinking, but IT policies also require technical expertise. CGNET combines these to create the IT policies your organization needs. We will conduct an assessment of any existing policies, including general IT policy as well as any specific policies for IT security, appropriate computer use, mobile device use, disaster recovery and document retention. The result will be recommended improvements to existing policies, and may include drafts of new policies to be discussed, amended and approved by your organization’s management.

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