Cloud Services

Cloud services – applications, platforms, and infrastructure – have proven to be cost-effective and secure solutions. CGNET provides and manages these cloud services:    

Microsoft 365 

We are a longtime Microsoft partner, with specialization in communications and cloud productivity. We have provided Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) services of all kinds to many clients since the platform was first introduced. We provide everything needed for successful implementation and use of Microsoft 365 services, from initial planning through implementation to end-user and administrative training, if necessary. Beyond Microsoft 365, we also offer solutions with Azure, Active Directory, enterprise and cloud-based voice, and management services, such as those provided by InTune. If it’s a Microsoft cloud-based service, we can help you with it. 

Other Platforms 

We also work with clients on non-Microsoft platforms, such as setting up systems in Amazon Web Services. 

Custom Hosting 

We provide custom hosting services where we manage the hardware and software in multiple co-location facilities, for systems that still find the most cost-effective solution to be in a private cloud or unique hosted application. 

Domain Services, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Web Hosting  

For over 40 years we have worked with customers to find, register, and manage domain names. We also work with DNS setup and maintenance. One important function is renewal and making sure the various services don’t expire. 

As a GoDaddy reseller, we help our clients with Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Web hosting and creating SSL security certificates. Generally, this is accomplished through an exchange of email between us and the customer.  

We also support a website ( which allows organizations to access the same ordering/billing portal that we use. This is a direct link to GoDaddy, for use in accessing GoDaddy services. Using this portal allows access to CGNET’s pricing, however, the billing is directly from GoDaddy to the organization. This site can also be used to check on availability of different domains. We will, of course, still be willing to interact directly with customers as we have in the past.  


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