Infrastructure Assessment


Organizations – particularly those that use an outside IT consultant to manage their technology – can benefit from a third-party assessment of their IT infrastructure. Find out if your infrastructure is set up ideally to meet your strategic goals, or if may be time for some improvements.


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Infrastructure Assessment

What is involved?

  • An initial assessment of current infrastructure and future needs is conducted. This will include discussions with your IT department and if necessary, staff interviews with appropriate personnel.
  • An inspection will be made of the current infrastructure, including testing of various components and configurations if necessary. We may also test and analyze the infrastructure’s security.
  • Recommendations and a timeline for improving the infrastructure will be presented.  These will include alternative solutions and cost estimates.
  • Presentations to the appropriate decision-making bodies in the organization are an option, if needed.

What do I get?

All projects provide recommendations for an improved infrastructure, with alternatives, estimates of costs and the option of presentations to the appropriate decision-making bodies.

What are the benefits?

CGNET has more than 35 years’ experience examining clients’ infrastructures, and operating our own managed service infrastructure. We apply a methodology that links infrastructure considerations to the strategic goals of the organization, providing a practical roadmap for implementing enhancements over time.



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