IT Policy Assessment


All policies require strategic thinking, but IT policies also require technical expertise. We combine these to create the IT policies an organization needs.



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Infrastructure Assessment

What’s involved?

  • Initial assessment: Assuming your organization has any IT policies already in place, CGNET will examine and assess them.   This can include general IT policy as well as any specific policies for IT security, appropriate computer use, mobile device use, disaster recovery and document retention.
  • Interviews: Depending on what CGNET and your organization decide is needed during initial discussions, the assessment may also include interviews with others across your organization (or even outside your organization).
  • Recommendations: Finally, CGNET will recommend improvements to policies, which may include producing drafts of new policies which management and the organization can discuss, amend and approve.

What do I get?

Your organization will receive drafts of the needed policies, usually accompanied with some discussions about activities that your organization might want to undertake to implement the policies.

What are the benefits?

IT policies coordinate expectations and practices around the subject they cover, be it appropriate computer use, document retention, security or similar concerns. If there is a comprehensive IT policy that can be easily be referred to, your staff will now know what is expected, required or even prohibited when it comes to all aspects of information technology within your organization.




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