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Written by Jackie Bilodeau

I am the Communications Director for CGNET, having worked for CGNET off-and-on since the early 1990's. I enjoy hiking, music, dance, photography, writing and travel. Read more about my work at CGNET here.

September 17, 2020

Many organizations plan to continue their work from home arrangement through the end of 2020, if not longer. And we know that hackers, in all their evil glory,  have adapted to this new way of working.   Cyber attacks are on an uptick as the year progresses.  From your everyday phishing, to malware-injection, to the more nefarious and costly cases of ransomware, working from home has presented the bad guys with new, vulnerable targets. Fortunately, CGNET has worked with clients for 37 years in preventing and helping them deal with these kinds of attacks.  (Our very first hack-attack was all the way back in 1986!)   So let us help you now (drumroll, please)…for FREE!

What CGNET can do for you

We’d like to offer this give-back to our customers. For as long as our available resources allow, CGNET will conduct a quick security assessment for free.  Yes, again, that’s for FREE.  You’ll get one hour of each of the following:

  • Data collection (interviews and document review)
  • Analysis
  • Presentation of recommendations.

The normal cost of this 3 hours of service would be $750.

An offer you shouldn’t refuse

We hope you’ll take advantage of this offer.  Hackers know that weakly protected home networks and stressed, distracted users make for ideal targets. Let us help you stay on top of your game.  You definitely do NOT want to relax security planning and execution right now.

Just let us know…

We will continue this free offer for as long as we have spare capacity.  If you are interested, please reach out to Dan Callahan via email ( or phone (1-650-833-7061) and he will hook you up!


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