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Written by Jackie Bilodeau

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February 21, 2019

Because Sometimes Bigger is Better

Microsoft has just announced the general availability of 5,000 member teams in Microsoft Teams. As of last week (February 14), all new and existing teams can now accommodate up to 5,000 members.  This is double the previous limit of 2,500 members. Larger groups can now collaborate effortlessly in a single team and leaders can connect to and share announcements with a much larger audience.

Import En Masse

To make it easier to move very large groups into one team, Microsoft has also increased the Office 365 e-mail distribution list and security group import limit for MS Teams to 3,500.  This is more than 10 times the original limit of 300, making the setup of a large team a far easier task.

MS Teams: The More the Merrier

Microsoft’s announcement should be music to the ears of those in larger organizations. It should also be welcome to those who have collaborative (yet otherwise independent) groups or members scattered throughout — and sometimes outside of — their organization.  Streamlined communication and collaboration is now a reality simply through the quick setup of that large team within MS Teams.


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