Is Google Dead?

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Written by Georg Lindsey

I am the co-founder and CEO of CGNET. Outside the office, I enjoy visiting our beautiful Northern California coastline, listening to British mystery audiobooks, cooking, gardening, and playing with my dogs.

November 15, 2023

Once I got into ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Bard, I wondered if I would ever just do a plain old Google search again. Mostly the answer is no, but not always. Here are my most common reasons for using a GPT based search and some reasons why a good old-fashioned Google search is still the better choice.

When GPT upstages Google

  • If the question is at all complex, the world of GPT is almost always the winner. Like “How do you get your bulldog puppy to sleep through the night?” Or “what are the best options for Wi-Fi access points?” Since the answer tends to involve multiple websites, many of which I am unaware, I get a reasonably good summary of what can be found on the web, without having to find and go through a lot of sites.
  • For comparison or to explain differences. Like “what is the difference between MDR and EDR?” or “what is the cheapest airfare to Istanbul?” As this involves going to multiple websites, this saves a lot of time in the beginning part of a query. (ChatGPT refused to do the airfare question, and Bard only gave results from Google Flights)
  • If I don’t know how to spell what I am asking about. The GPTs do an amazing job of correcting my text even when I make spelling mistakes. Even when I don’t know how to spell the word at all, the GPT often does it in the voice input mode. Like “Is Meclizine an antihistamine?” “Is the capital of Côte d’Ivoire Yamoussoukro?” “What is a mnemonic?”

Google is NOT dead, when…

  • Whenever you need a quick answer to a simple query, like “GPT meaning” or “ISO Security Standard 27001.”
  • When you need real-time information, such as train schedules, flight delays, weather updates, or news headlines, Google can provide this information faster.
  • When you need to access specific websites, images, videos, or documents that are relevant to your query. Google can direct you to the exact URL or file that you are looking for.

Moving Target

We’re just seeing the beginning of what can be done with GPT based queries. I for one am finding it to be great fun and an immense time saver. It will also be fun to see how the capabilities merge and differentiate.

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